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Wow Araw ng Caraga
Caraga is an acronym for Caraga Administrative Region. Its name was derived from the Visayan word kalagan meaning soul. The
Guimaras honors its mystical river by celebrating the Balsahan Festival. Colorful Balsa (bamboo rafts) are drifted along the mystical river of Sibunag. This river holds traditions of mystical folktales and
Dinagsa means outpouring, connoting the flooding of blessings in the region as its people celebrate its feast striding to the rhythm of the drums led by town s warrior dancers
Jose Rizal, a great Filipino hero, is particularly honored in the HANDURAW FESTIVAL held in Dapitan City; where he spent years of his exile. A number of activities focusing on
The Kahilwayan Festival is a reenactment feast commemorating the struggle for liberation of the townspeople. Kahilwayan, is an Ilonggo word, meaning freedom and this event is set to honor the heroic blood that
The Tigkaralag Festival is Pavia, Iloilo’s precursor to Halloween. Townspeople come together to narrate their versions of local folklores and myths, heard and passed from generation to another. As the
February 01
Kaamulan Festival  2nd week of February to the 10th of March Malaybalay READ MORE>>
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