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Corporate Social Responsibility is a duty every member of the business sector ought to give back to the community; for us in the travel and tours industry, to the environment and to our countrymen.


It is a known fact that the Philippines is an endowed country in terms of scientific, biological and geological features making our country one of the “must see” sites in the world.


The beauty of the Philippines undeniably exudes a worldwide mystique many foreigners spend a fortune to behold. Howbeit the allure our country possesses, our pride shouldn’t just be about the country’s physical beauty because if it is so, it is plain and simple shallowness. The essence of Philippine tourism should and foremost be the ‘cultured’ Filipino people. The Filipino peoples’ insight regarding the beauty of its country, their united effort to uphold and protect its treasures,  high understanding and respect for its natural resource and above all, the intrinsic intelligence and beauty of every Filipino. These should be the very essence of Philippine tourism.


Through our CSR projects:

              Puerto Princesa Underground River the Final Leg Vote Campaign

              Filipino People: The Quintessence of Philippine Tourism

              Turismo at Plastic ni Juan 


We fortify our advocacy of educating every Filipino in accepting his responsibility towards his country, his planet and his descendants.


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