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Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour Permit
June 04, 2012

The local governement of Puerto Princesa has adopted a new regulated system for the Underground River permit application. Requirements for UR permit application are as follows: 

  • Complete name
  • Birth Date
  • Scanned ID
  • Tourist Electronic Ticket

For Corporate tourist, a company letter of request is compulsory. These requirements are to be submitted weeks prior to the tour. Scheduling, permit confirmation and possible cancellations are solely determined by the local government of Puerto Princesa. Poor weather conditions ard tardiness are amongst the common reason for cancellation of Underground River Tour. Hence, a Visitor Entry Permit is NOT an absolute guarantee to avail of the tour. Request of permit user's change of name and or change of tour time are no longer allowed hence the forgfeiture of the previously issued permit/s. Tourist who wish to change name and or schedule of tour will have no other choice bu to reapply for new permits. This latest ardous process of UR permit application is brought about by the official announcement of the PPUR as one of the New7Wonders of Nature. Sudden influx in the tourism industry following the UR's win prompted the local government to create measures to control its damaging effects. Change of PH condition in the cave, oil and dirt which inhibits mineral water from clinging to the rock formations, waterborne and solid pollutants deemed to be toxic to endangered cave-dwelling flora and fauna are some of the lethal effect of tourisim in the ever-growing underground treasure. 

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