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The Malapascua Dive
July 10, 2017
The newest paradise destination in the Philippines is Malapascua. This is the best place to rediscover the beauty of life off grid. The tropical sun, the clear blue sky, the powdery sand and the clear water are amongst Malapascua’s pride. It is a retreat island far away from the noise of the city and the hubbub of urban living. Diving     READ MORE>>
Pista Y and Kagueban 3rd Saturday of June
June 16, 2017
Pista Y and Kagueban is an art festival held every third Saturday of June. Puerto Princesa s unique art is the main star of this event. This art festival is celebrated in Magarwak, Sta. Lourdes in Puerto Princesa. People from everywhere gather to witness song and dance performances done by environmental artists from the region.       READ MORE>>
Cudugnon Cave in El Nido
May 15, 2017
When in El Nido, Cudugnon Cave is a must see destination. This primordial geological formation is a haven for stalactites, stalagmites, barn swallows and bats. It is also where ancient anthropological artifacts were found dating as far as 960 to 1279 BC. The primitive settlers that owned this artifacts were believed to have come from Borneo and settled in this area leaving     READ MORE>>
Lusong Coral Garden
May 08, 2017
In Coron, this is an underwater adventure site teeming with a variety of marine life accessible by snorkeling and diving. Palawan being a witness to massive World War II destruction in the Pacific region, the underwater sandy canvass in this region is also the resting place of WWII shipwrecks. Many diving enthusiasts and historians visit this place for diving explorations.     READ MORE>>
Katagman Festival in Oton, Iloilo (May 3)
May 02, 2017
Oton, Iloilo honors ancient Ilonggo culture in its annual celebration of the Katagman Festival. Parties and celebrations, using the traditional musical instruments highlight the entire event. The famous Ilonggo death mask is also one of the traditional elements of this fiesta. This gold mask has a prominent nose and golden eyes.  Traditions say that the famous death mask is used     READ MORE>>
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