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Blue Mountains of Australia
October 23, 2017
The Blue Mountains National Park is Australia s famous mountain ranges located in the west of Sydney. Its panoramic scenery conveys a profound saga of the endemic Australian flora and fauna. The breathtaking vertical cliffs and dramatic waterfalls make this rugged region an Australian geographical signature worth witnessing. Its highest point is Mount Werong.  Plan a trip with Salton Travel and     READ MORE>>
October 16, 2017
Even during summer, the weather in Batanes is relatively cooler than the rest of the Philippines. The coolest months are December to March where temperature falls below 10 degrees. Dry months are from March to June. The Ivatans are the indigenous peoples of this province. They speak a unique dialect and have a distinct tradition and culture. Kalusan is a     READ MORE>>
MassKara Festival in Bacolod City
October 09, 2017
October is Bacolod s merriest month of the year. Local and international tourists participate in the merry-making, parties, carnivals, street dances and parades. The themes and motifs of the annual carnival and float presentations are the most awaited part of the celebration. Both the last Saturday and Sunday of October are the highlight days of the entire festival. MassKara is     READ MORE>>
BIRDWATCHING in Puerto Princesa
September 25, 2017
Be the pioneer explorers of Puerto Princesa’s rich bird sanctuaries: PPUR Cave and Liyang Forest in Cabayugan. Palawan’s peacock-pheasant (Polyplectronnapoleonis) and hornbill (Anthracocerosmarchei), Palawan’s blue flycatcher, the White-vented shama, the  Tabonscrubfowl (Megapodiuscumingii), the Stork-billed kingfisher,the Green imperial pigeon, the Hooded pitta and the Red-bellied pitta are amongst the stars of this unique show of nature’s grandeur. Puerto Princesa is one     READ MORE>>
The Nan hai Fa yu Temple
September 18, 2017
About a short thirty-minute drive away from the Puerto Princesa airport is the Nan hai fa yu Temple. It is located very near the Honda Bay’s dock. The temple is for the faithful who wish to venerate Guandyin in this region in the Philippines. This holy site was inaugurated on October 2010 coinciding with Guandyin’s Remembrance Day. Over the years,     READ MORE>>
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