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Sheridan Organic Farm
October 02, 2012
Quietly tucked at the outskirts of Puerto Princesa is the new Sheridan Organic Farm. Located at Sitio Sogod II Cabuyugan, Puerto Princesa about 75 kilometers away from the bustling city, the organic farm covers a total of 35 hectares of protected land. The farm was first established to serve the food and beverage requirements od Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa.     READ MORE>>
Baguio Salad Festival & Baguio Arts Festival
November 26, 2016
The highlands of Baguio is busy from November till December as the province celebrates its annual ‘salad’ festival featuring an assortment of homegrown vegetable recipes as well as a number of lined up arts festival that will feature workshops and lectures about the local craftsmanship.   Source:     READ MORE>>
Belen sa Makati 2016
November 05, 2016
From November 1st to December 16th, buildings all over the business district of Makati will illuminate pronouncing the upcoming holiday season. Colorful bright Christmas lights, holiday ornaments and thematic decorations will entertain motorists passing by the busy streets of Makati; spreading glad tidings and holiday cheer to all.     READ MORE>>
May 31, 2013
Along the busy streets of Manila, at the heart of Ermita's tourist belt, is a quiet have of rate books preserved and waiting to be beholden and appreciated. However small this bookstore may be, it was given a big name to signify the richness of its collection. The store's name is Solidaridad. The name Solidaridad was used by the early     READ MORE>>
Gabii sa Kabilin in Cebu City on May 26, 2017
May 22, 2017
This year’s Gabii sa Kabilin is on the 26 th of May. This is the night when the beauty of the Visayan region and its heritage is showcased to the world. Gabii sa Kabilin or Night of Heritage features the unique contributions of Cebu in Philippine history and to the nation’s culture. Pageantry, cultural performances, musical concerts and trade fairs     READ MORE>>
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